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Today we look at some options for new Seattle NHL team names, a more difficult task than days gone by. Sports back in Grandpa's heyday were so much easier than they are today. Case in point. After one year of flirting, the NHL has finally approved a bid for an expansion team in Seattle to play at the renovated KeyArena in 2021. Now all it needs is a name. The ownership group. The group behind the renovation of Seattle's KeyArena has registered more than three dozen internet domain names related to 13 possible names for an expansion NHL franchise, DetroitHockey.net.

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  1. g in 2021, it's time to find a team nickname. In January, DetroitHockey.net posted a story regarding possible names for the Seattle franchise. Now, the team.
  2. Washington Governor Jay Inslee may have slipped up and revealed Seattle's NHL team name last week while discussing a high-speed rail between Seattle and Vancouver. Some fans are already hoping.
  3. Seattle's NHL team name: Ranking the 15 best nickname suggestions for the new hockey franchise The Metropolitans are clear leaders, but there are some other great ideas out there
  4. Seattle is officially getting its very own NHL team, the league announced Tuesday morning after a vote from the Board of Governors. The new team in Seattle will be the 32nd franchise of the NHL.
  5. Saltwater fish names have proved hugely popular with local hockey fans when it comes to what to call our future NHL team. But don't rule out traditional favorites like Metropolitans,..
  6. With Steve Yzerman's hiring as Red Wings GM, Seattle NHL team's search moves on to next name . April 19, The NHL Seattle group had particular interest in both men, especially Holland.
  7. After beginning with 13 potential names and having the Seattle Times run a poll to let people express their opinions, it looks like Seattle's new NHL team is getting closer to its name

*Note: This bracket is intended to determine a team name. Logos are Seattle Times illustrations. After a long month of voting and nearly 150,000 votes cast, we can announce the Sockeyes as the official winner of the unofficial tournament to name Seattle's NHL team! Check out the final results  NHL commissioner Gary Bettman made his first visit to Seattle since awarding the franchise last month to discuss a number of things, including the team's nickname. The new team name and logo is expected to be revealed sometime in mid-2019, King 5's Chris Daniels reports

Seattle is getting an NHL franchise, and a recent list of potential names was discovered online. Let's rank them. Update: The NHL board has officially approved an expansion franchise for the. NHL Seattle team members ponder names every day, he said, and in the coming weeks will name its branding consultants. Team officials have conducted six focus groups over the last month, and. The NHL will add a franchise in Seattle, the league announced Tuesday, following a unanimous vote by the board of governors. The league's 32nd team will play in the Pacific Division and will be. Quebec City has been home to two NHL hockey teams. The first, the Quebec Bulldogs, lasted from 1878 to 1920, after which they moved to Hamilton, Ontario.The second, the Quebec Nordiques, called Quebec City their home from 1972 to 1979 in the World Hockey Association, and from then on to 1995 as a National Hockey League team, at which point they moved to Denver to become the Colorado Avalanche

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Seattle's city council approved a plan to redevelop KeyArena, so its chances of luring an NHL franchise look brighter. Are you ready for the Seattle Sasquatch? Our writers offer some name. The NHL Board of Governors voted unanimously Tuesday to approve the expansion application from the NHL Seattle group to bring the yet-to-be named team into the League for the start of the 2021-22. NHL's Board of Governors votes to approve Seattle's expansion application. If and when an NHL team officially arrives in Seattle, odds are that its name will be either the Emeralds or the Totems. That's according to this week's Bovada odds, which list Emeralds as the 9. The city of Seattle and the NHL keep flirting over the possibility of adding a team in the area, and we got our latest drip feed of information with a series of domain names registered by someone.

Seattle doesn't even have a National Hockey League team yet - they were invited to apply for an expansion franchise on December 7 - but that hasn't stopped speculation on what the league's 32nd team might be named. As I did before the Vegas Golden Knights' name was announced, I've been keeping an eye on domain registrations. Most. With the news that the NHL will likely be expanding to Seattle, it's time to suggest names for the team; The Seattle Times is running a reader pole, where 'Sockeyes' and 'Totems' are duking it out in the fina EDITOR'S NOTE: This is a slightly updated version of a previous story. Seattle is getting an NHL franchise. And now we wait to see what it'll be called. Thirteen possible names were registered.

There is no shortage of NHL team name polls in Seattle right now. The announcement last week that the NHL is allowing Seattle to apply for expansion caused a lot of excitement, which is a beautiful thing. Never forget, however, that we at the Seattle Sin Bin and Sonics Rising have been having this. Seattle is shouting from the Space Needle about bringing an NHL expansion team to town. But if nothing else, the list of 13 offered a first glimpse into the process and allowed the Internet to. Even though Seattle doesn't have an NHL team yet, someone reportedly linked to the group that will redevelop KeyArena is already registering websites with 13 possible team names. The NHL invited. Dec 04, 2018 · SEATTLE (AP) — The NHL will make the Emerald City the home for its 32nd franchise after Seattle's expansion bid was approved by the league's Board of Governors. The move gives Seattle the major.

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  1. The NHL officially is headed to Seattle. On Tuesday, the league's board of governors unanimously voted to approve Seattle as the 32nd NHL franchise. The still-unnamed team will begin play in the.
  2. g to Seattle. There's a lot to be done including branding and a lot of construction before the team debuts in 2021 as the NHL's 32nd team, but the team name is one of the most important things for the ownership group to decide
  3. Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan made her feelings toward an NHL team name known during her State of the City address at North Seattle College on Tuesday. The new home of hockey in Seattle - the Kraken.
  4. The NHL Board of Governors officially voted on Tuesday to expand to Seattle. The expansion has been in the works for awhile, and the team will debut in the 2021-22 season, playing home games at.
  5. or league baseball team. Plus, there's a.
  6. g favorite was the mythical octopus.
  7. Mr. Leiweke, can you hear me? As president and CEO of Seattle's yet unnamed NHL team, you must be up to your eyeballs with suggestions for team names. But you knew I was going to get to you. My.

One name absent from the list is the Seattle Metropolitans, the name of Seattle's former team that became the first American club to win a Stanley Cup in 1917. Despite the history, NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman didn't seen keen on adding Metropolitans to the list Of these names, the most popular ones seem to be the Kraken, Totems and Emeralds. However, what seems like the most popular name from Seattle NHL fans isn't even on this list and that is the Seattle Metropolitans. This was the Seattle hockey team's name when they won the Sta MANALAPAN, Fla. --A Seattle ownership group has been authorized to file an application for an NHL expansion team that would begin play in the 2020-21 season, NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman said. The Seattle Sounders were brought back in 1994 and played in the USL First Division at what was then known as Qwest Field. Six years later the men's team was joined by a women's team of the same name (now known as the Seattle Sounder Angels) which plays in a nearby suburb, Tukwila Here we are in the Final Four of the Name the Seattle NHL Team contest. This has no official bearing on what we should end up naming the team, but it's the most complex and thought-provoking analysis on the subject. We're doing more than polls slapped up on a website here. There are quite a few.

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Seattle Starbuckaneers and other poor choices for the new NHL team name. With a new team in the NHL, social media is buzzing with potential team names. Some are Seattle-centric, others are an ode. Whether or not Seattle lands the 32nd NHL franchise, as many are predicting, the group vying for the expansion team reportedly already has a list of team nicknames registered for Internet domains

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Totems projected as the likeliest team name. When it comes to the name for Seattle's new NHL franchise, Bovada has released odds for the occasion. The sportsbook has tabbed Totems as the -105 favorite, with Emeralds (+400), Rainiers (+700), Sockeyes (+700) and Kraken (+700) topping the list Seattle is two years away from getting its NHL expansion franchise, however the excitement on the 32nd club coming to the city can be felt quite intensely. While ownership of the Seattle NHL franchise have also yet to reveal the team's name, logo or color scheme, it seems like the city's mayor has. sports Seattle NHL Team Brand Might Involve Local Indigenous Imagery The new Seattle NHL team doesn't have a name or logo yet. But ownership has reached out to indigenous artists to begin the process The NHL Board of Governors have approved the league's expansion to Seattle on Tuesday, giving the league 32 franchises. The new team will begin play in the 2021-22 season and the expansion draft will have the same rules as the one for Vegas However, what seems like the most popular name from Seattle NHL fans isn't even on this list and that is the Seattle Metropolitans. This was the Seattle hockey team's name when they won the Stanley Cup in 1917, prior to the formation of the NHL

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Dec 04, 2018 · Seattle will become NHL's 32nd team. Here's what you should know about expansion franchise. Seattle has been approved by NHL as league's 32nd team to start 2021-22 season 5 Possible Names for NHL Expansion Team in Seattle Kirby Lee - USA Today Rumor has it that Seattle is one of the four cities that might land an NHL team in a speculated expansion While we cannot confirm officially that Totems will be the name of the franchise if granted approval by the NHL's board of governors, we can confirm that it's one of the 13 registered names by the Seattle group's management team I don't know. I also don't know shit about the NHL or that there was a new team awarded until today or anything else. All I know is that this list is God damn hysterical and now everyone is looking at me in the library cackling laughing over so many funny names, that Pete Carroll one had me dying SHORELINE, WA _ Seattle may be feeling the excitement of getting an NHL expansion team, but a rising number of potential fans are hoping to give the new team an old name. No, not the Metropolitans or Totems - hockey franchises that played out of the Pacific Northwest early in the 20th century - but.

Seattle Pines-Given the large amount of pine trees in the PNW, this makes sense. Seattle Metropollins-Seattle did have an NHL team at one point (long story) and this is what they were called. This name would be ok, but it sounds kind of generic. Nothing about it really sounds unique to Seattle, although I can see why people would want that name sportslogos.net; news; forum; facebook; pinterest; twitter; youtub Quebec City has also been in the mix to host the NHL's potential newest franchise, but the agreement struck in Seattle today catapults it as a front-runner. Nothing is set in stone, but all of the news has already got us thinking about potential names for the new team. Here are four that we believe would fit well. 1 ) The Seattle Thunde Max Rubin holds a sign in favor of the team name Kraken on Dec. 4 while celebrating the awarding of an NHL expansion team to Seattle. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson

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Potential NHL Seattle team names and logos! Andrew Piluk Hockey. Potential Names For Seattle Expansion Team - Duration: What Would a 40 Team NHL Actually Look Like With the NHL announcing an agreement to consider an application for an expansion franchise in Seattle, it's time to start brainstorming ideas for a potential team name.A city located by the. Seattle has just been unanimously approved to be the home of the NHL's 32nd team in the latest expansion. There are plenty of problems remaining like the expansion draft, coaching, money, etc., but I don't care about any of that The NHL is one step closer to adding its 32nd team. On Tuesday evening, Sportsnet's Elliotte Friedman confirmed that the league has received the city of Seattle's application for expansion and. One of either the Everett Silvertips or Kent-based Seattle Thunderbirds have been to the last three Western Hockey League finals. And now, with both teams once again in the playoffs, a fourth straight finals appearance by a Seattle-area team isn't..

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Seattle NHL expansion group names Tod Leiweke team president. Leiweke believed Seattle was ripe for the NHL and the response to the season-ticket drive only strengthened that belief It remains to be seen whether the NHL will expand to Seattle. But if it does, we might know the name of the team -- thanks to Washington Governor Jay Inslee. While speaking Friday about a proposed.

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With Seattle most likely earning the right to be given an expansion team in the NHL, one of the next orders of business was to determine a team name. Some ideas were Kraken, Emeralds, Evergreens, Rainiers, and Totems. However, in a press conference Friday, Washington state Governor Jay Inslee could have possibly leaked the official name 4 Concept Jerseys for NHL Expansion Teams. The Kraken isn't a name I've heard thrown around for a potential team names for Seattle, but the logo is well done. Halifax is a long shot to. NHL prospects Ty Smith, Jaret Anderson-Dolan lead Spokane Chiefs into second-round series against Everett. By Andy Eide After losing in a tough seven-game series to Portland in last year's first round of the WHL Playoffs, the Spokane Chiefs exacted some revenge last week

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Hockey fans in Seattle will have to wait a little longer to take a step inside their future NHL team's new arena. In a press conference Thursday, the NHL to Seattle expansion group announced plans to open the arena in June 2021, a slight delay from the project's original target date of spring 2021. After one year of flirting, the NHL has finally approved a bid for an expansion team in Seattle to play at the renovated KeyArena in 2021. Now all it needs is a name. The ownership group registered trademarks for 13 potential names last winter, in alphabetical order: Seattle Cougars, Seattle Eagles. Seattle fans have been debating the team's name long before the NHL approved the city's franchise this week. Names have included the historical favorite, the Metropolitans (a team that won a Stanley Cup in 1917), the Sockeyes, the Surge, the Sasquatch, and the Kraken (a mythical sea monster)

Seattle hockey fans are going wild about the prospects of welcoming the NHL to their city, they just aren't crazy about what the owners are proposing to call the new team. Names such as the Rainiers, Kraken, and Sea Lions all have been floated as possible monikers Winter sports are coming back to Seattle. The NHL's board of governors unanimously voted to award an expansion franchise to the Emerald City, set to begin play in 2021, per ESPN. The team does. Dec 04, 2018 · The NHL's Board of Governors voted Tuesday to place a 32nd franchise in Seattle, starting in the 2021-22 season. The unanimous vote marks the league's second expansion in three years and.

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Seattle hasn't even officially been granted a new NHL franchise and yet, thanks to Washington Governor Jay Inslee, fans already hate the team's name.. It's not that Seattle won't be getting a new NHL franchise, the chances of that happening soon are very, very good Other ideas included the Pilots (the name of Seattle's first Major League Baseball team), the Steelheads (the state fish and the name of a local Negro leagues team) and the Thunderbirds (Seattle. The arena for Seattle's new NHL franchise won't be completed until late spring or summer of 2021 but thatshouldn't have any impact on the expansion team's first season

It's official. Seattle will have an NHL team in the 2021 season. We are so excited for ever one in the pacific NW. The only thing left is to find that perfect team name, logo, and uniform set up to really make the team unique With Steve Yzerman's hiring as Red Wings GM, Seattle NHL team's search moves on to next name ‱ With both Steve Yzerman and Ken Holland off the table, the Seattle group is expected to focus on Vegas Golden Knights assistant GM Kelly McCrimmon

Seattle Suicide: Fan chant: (insert city name here) (insert NHL nickname here) GO KILL YOURSELF! It would be Seattle projecting its alleged suicidal tendencies towards the opponents rather than the opposite. Seattle Assault Rifles: Pat Hill fucking tuff nickname. Assault rifles are the scariest thing on planet earth today A bunch of fans suggested some NHL team names in case a franchise moves to Seattle in the near future. As always is the case, many of the names sound..

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On Thursday another step toward putting another NHL team in the Pacific Northwest after the group led by billionaire David Bonderman and filmmaker Jerry Bruckheimer submitted an expansion application to the league for a team in Seattle in February was underway Thus, the following are ten suggested names for a new Seattle NHL expansion team. Seattle Emeralds. Consider the marketing angles with this one. The Emerald City, neatly symbolized by a glittering green stone, with themes of class and wealth juxtaposed into a chaotic, rough-and-tumble on-ice battle Over the last two days, The Chuck and Puck Show has decided on the ten best possible team names for the future Seattle NHL franchise. A team playing at the renovated Key Arena seems like a shoo-in now after Tim Leiweke reported that the NHL Seattle group received over 25,000 thousand ticket priority deposits yesterday including hitting their goal of 10,000 in the first 12 minutes Bovada has some out with some odds on what the ownership group in Seattle will name their new team. Of course, there is a chance that none of the names on the list will end up being the name called. However, given that there is 13 potential names on their odds, I would say the chance is strong that the winning name if among those listed at Bovada As Seattle prepares to submit a bid so they can be the latest city to welcome an NHL expansion team, it appears the city is already thinking of branding. Thirty-eight domain names covering 13 different Seattle team names were registered Thursday by Oak View Group, according to Clark Rasmussen of DetroitHockey.net

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Did Gov. Inslee say Seattle's new NHL team name? Posted 7:31 PM, March 18, 2018, In the brief remarks, Inslee referred to Seattle's potential new NHL hockey franchise as the Totems News The Seattle Monikers: Odds-on favorite nicknames for the NHL's potential 32nd franchise. As rumors swirl that Seattle will become the next city to host an NHL team, here's a look at the. Mystery Logo Appears on Seattle NHL Site. Seattle will get an NHL hockey team, it's inevitable and in all honesty it feels like it should've happened decades ago. Of those names. The city of Seattle has yet to be awarded a National Hockey League franchise, but that hasn't stopped the group pursuing one from locking down potential team names. As first reported by. The Seattle Emeralds. That's the leading contender for the name of a potential NHL team in the Emerald City, according to oddsmaker Bovada. Emeralds is the favourite, ahead of other monikers. The name of Seattle's potential new professional hockey team remains a mystery, but one name is now more unlikely. A Puget Sound area romance novelist just trademarked Seattle Sockeyes because the.